Mineral Exploration BMP Handbook

Best Management Practices (BMP) refer to a range of guidelines and recommendations - in the case of the mining industry - designed to reduce the potential impact of mining and exploration activities on the environment.

On October 28, 2010, the Yukon Chamber of Mines launched its Yukon Mineral and Coal Exploration Best Management Practices and Regulatory Guide to equip its members with a range of planning tools and practices that pertain specifically to the regulatory and environmental conditions of the Yukon mining industry.

This document provides:

  • Information regarding the regulatory framework and permits, approvals, licenses or authorizations under which mineral or coal exploration activities are managed and regulated in the Yukon on most classes of land.
  • A practical approach to implementing BMP when planning and conducting exploration - from grass roots through to advanced stage projects.

The BMP Guide does not attempt to outline the details of application for every permit or license in the territory as a number of documents prepared by the Yukon Government exist and provide such guidance.

The BMP Guide does provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory and assessment processes in the territory and directs the BMP user to the relevant approvals for a given activity on a given class of land.

If incorporated into an exploration program, BMP will help to ensure that activities are planned and carried out in compliance with the various legislation, regulations and policies that apply to a specific activity.

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